I did my yoga teacher training in Pittsburgh, I did my Prenatal Yoga and Birth Doula training in Boulder, CO. I have a certificate of completion for Lamaze Childbirth Education (Pittsburgh) and a certification of completion for the more “natural” Inspired Birth (Boulder) but was uninspired to teach either approach.

They are great for what they are, but to me they all seemed “not it”, not the kind of helpful practice I envisioned teaching. I wanted more yoga, more calm, more practical, I wanted proven simple labor tools, with strong physiological and yogic backgrounds- so I hit the internet.

I knew wanted to teach something in the realm of childbirth education but I have been puzzling out exactly what approach to take.  And yes it took me a good long while. I finally had my ah-ha moment after a lot of extra unnecessary expense. Of course!

I stumbled upon the way to combine Yoga, Human Physiology, Instincts and Childbirth together, into a mash up that I am calling The Whole Way©: the path towards a calm focused birth experience, no matter the circumstance.

Now I have had my fair share of divine Google searches and this proved to be another. I found the approach I wanted to teach and how to make it all work together… on an old chat stream between moms in Australia, while searching for something else.

I think one needs to be careful about what they teach and what words they choose to use, for example:

It is not a “natural birth” that makes it a positive.

It is not just “how” a mother prepares.

Not all moms get a chance to prepare properly- my son made his appearance a month early.

Erin made all the preparations that can be made- her son made his appearance all at once on her living room rug. 

It is about your state of mind. No matter what happens in birth, your state of mind is crucial.

Calm focused, are able to deal with anything that comes your way, that is the key, accepting that these circumstances are your reality, your direct experience, and your birth story. No judgment, no armchair quarterbacking, instead peaceful acceptance.

Utilizing yoga as a Birth Skill unlocks that door to freedom.

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