An Alternative

There is an alternative to your engrained thought patterns about Birth and about life in general. You can practice Yoga and see these results whether you believe in it or not: It just is.

 Yoga works best when a person has already made a conscious choice to change. A person who is ready and is consciously choosing a different way of thinking and doing.

 I am a case in point where sometimes your Autonomic Nervous System makes the choice for the rest of the body. Yoga clicked with my body in a way nothing else at the time would and it slowly and steadily got the rest of me to listen. It has my deep and utter gratitude.

 Birth is another instance where your ANS makes the choice for the rest of your body. It decides when and how Labor will begin and it runs the show, but it needs you to listen.

 A lot of women find their way to my studio for prenatal yoga and a Birth Doula because they are looking for a different experience, consciously making a decision for change, a better experience. Which will most definitely require a different way of thinking and doing.

 Yoga provides such a catalyst and through practice a person begins to be able to step back and see: your body, your thoughts, your emotions.

 A “gap moment” where you can respond instead of react to every input sensation that comes your way. This moment is vital when a woman must face and cope with a multitude of contractions, circumstances, and emotions during her Labor. It is vital for every day life as well.

 Yoga is more than a set of exercises; it is a state of being and seeing. Mindful, non-judgmental awareness.

The practice of Yoga is an effort on your part to change. The ability to change from knee-jerk reaction to chosen response in any given situation. A valuable quality that you will find especially useful during labor.

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