A Pure Science

Yoga is a pure and simple Science like Chemistry or Physics and Birth is a bodily process that extensively relies on the Sciences to run it’s job.

When the Science of Yoga is applied to the bodily process of Birth it improves job performance and outcomes.

Yoga is based on the premise that if you simply do as instructed you will experience the intended result—the result is bound to happen. (OSHO)

Birth is based on the premise that if you let the body do the work it was created to do it will bring forth new life.

Just as 2+2 will always equal 4 and applying heat to water causes it to evaporate. Contractions will begin, cervixes will dilate, your body will urge you to eliminate, babies will crown, and be born.

Consider that your lungs, heart, and uterus are well honed machines, they work like they were made for the task of breathing, beating and pulsing, and indeed they were.

Yet breathing is “nothing more” than a normal natural bodily process, just like your heart beating, just like the pulsing of your uterus. Indeed all of these processes are run by the rhythmic contracting of muscles.

In the pure realm of Science all these “things” are true but Nature does love her exceptions and bodily processes don’t ALWAYS work as designed. I would also be willing to bet that there are mathematicians and scientists out there ready to show off their exceptions as well.

Your lungs can fill with fluid, your heart can skip a beat and your baby can be directionally challenged. Do 2 and 2 always equal 4? Are there conditions in which heated water does not evaporate?

The exceptions to the rules concerning Birth are worthy topics and will be given their just due at a later point. You will need someone else to explain that level of Math and Physics.

For now let us stick to the underlying science and not the complication of exceptions.

Here are a couple of examples:

Yogis apply breath control during practice and in so doing slow their breath, which slows the beating of their hearts, which slows the rambling non-stop chatter in their minds. Physics and Chemistry.

You apply the breath control you learned in Pre-natal Yoga class to your Labor then you will ease your birth experience.

Gravity pulls things down toward the Earth's core. 

In a similar vein apply the physics of gravity to Labor and you will also ease your birth experience.

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