Practice Makes "Perfect"

All the skills you can potentially learn while reading The Whole Way take time and devotion to practice. The effort is definitely well worth the time spent as the benefits are enormous.

Those two sentences are a paraphrase of several Yoga Sutras.

The Sanskrit and the translations for the Sutras in this post are provided by Edwin F. Bryant. I won’t show the Sanskrit all the time-- but it is a beautiful concise language.

The Sutras are masterful in what they can teach a person, as relevant today as they were 5000 years ago.

Let’s take a moment to explore what Yoga has to say about the benefits of practice.


“Practice becomes firmly established when it has been cultivated uninterruptedly and with devotion over a prolonged period of time.”

This Yoga Sutra is pretty much universally true because indeed “practice makes perfect”.

Practice brings familiarity, ease, and mastery, so take the time to practice.

You may not achieve perfection but practice will turn these highly functional skills into easily accessible go-to’s during your birth experience.

SUTRA 1:21 [The goal of Yoga] is near for those who apply themselves intensely.

SUTRA 1:22 Even among these, there is further differentiation [of this intensity into degrees of] mild, mediocre, and extreme.

Yoga’s way of saying that the effort you put into Yoga will determine what you get out of your Yoga experience.

Also a universal aphorism as the more time spent practicing anything the more familiar [it] becomes and you get better at the practice—the doing.

The Whole Way’s way of saying that the effort you put into obtaining Mother-Friendly Optimal Maternity Care will determine what you get out of your personal birth experience.

During Birth, a keen and intent practice of the Yoga-Based birth skills taught here could very well translate into a calm positive mother-friendly birth experience no matter what your direct circumstance.

The ultimate goal of Yoga (samadhi) will be accomplished more quickly with keen and intent practice.

During Labor (samadhi) will be accomplished by keenly and intently aligning your mind with the task force of Birth, perhaps even giving yourself a divine taste of what it really means to be a human.

Whereas mild practice reaps little benefit, mediocre reaps some benefit, extreme perhaps means going too far and setting rigid expectations for your birth experience.

If you want the most out of your Birth Experience then prepare yourself wisely and give Birth your undivided focus and best effort. It is not enough to simply read about it or want it—you must actually spend time and devote energy towards making it happen.

Attending my Prenatal Yoga classes and The Whole Way Seminars will assist you in becoming comfortable with using all of the Yoga-Based pain management tools well before your labor begins.

Booking my services as your Birth Doula means that you are intent in providing yourself with Mother-friendly Optimal Maternity Care.

Above all, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to deepen your practice and better your overall experience.

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