I know I promised an explanation- the relation between stale coffee beans and yoga...I'm getting there I swear.

"I'm not a connoisseur; I dabble. To the extent that I can make connections for myself that create bridges between my experiences… I think there is a lot of "geeking out" on the details that go beyond what we can actually taste. I am most interested in the actual experience of consuming coffee.” (Lucky Peach, “On Coffee” same guys at the table)

Substitute “yoga” for “coffee” and this paragraph quite struck me as key to my personal dilettante-ish yogic philosophy. 

I am big on science, I have the Masters in Biology degree to prove it, and the science in yoga is strong. I can “geek out” about those aspects all day, if you like…

So, at first, when yoga (restraint of the "mind stuff") worked in my own life experience, it was through a scientific physical approach— in other words— it was on my mat using my physical body/breath to achieve “yoga”. 

The Yoga Sutras teach the philosophy that when you link your breath and your body movements you will shut off the chatter of your mind. It is all connected. 

The actual physical experience of this mental benefit has been scientifically proven many times by many people practicing in many traditions. 

A case study. 

I was laying in final relaxation and realized that I hadn’t thought of anything but aligning myself in yoga poses for the last half hour, the sense of relief was overwhelming, this one fact kept me coming back to my mat. I had an almost daily physical practice for years, it brought great comfort to my mind. 

“The actual experience of consuming coffee (yoga).”

To dabble or not to dabble, that is the next post… and the staleness factor is getting closer...

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