It is my intention to hit the nail right on its head and present to pregnant women direct easy to use tools to answer most women’s most pressing concerns…

 Will I be able to handle the pain of labor? How will I react? What really goes on? Can I really trust my body and my baby…that they really instinctively know how to give birth?

 The short answer is “YES” and my catchy name for this is The Whole Way.

I want to teach you how to actively and effectively manage the sensations you will likely feel in labor, and through this blog and my seminars I aim to teach women and their birth partners Yoga Based Pain Management Tools for Labor and Birth.

The word Yoga comes from the ancient Hindu dialect, Sanskrit, and means “to yoke”.

My plan is to show you how to yoke (to join) together movement, breath, focus and meditation—in other words the underlying physiology and science of Yoga into actual easily accessible birth skills.

These skills can be used now today, in labor and delivery, and later as a parent and as a human being because these are not only birth skills they are also life skills.

In other words—mastery of these skills will see you The Whole Way through… :)

It is my direct experience that Yoga and Birth are deeply and instinctively related to one another. 

A tiny word about Yoga. You start by sitting down with what you’ve got and Yoga meets you where you are whether it is on the mat, the meditation cushion, the golf course, or in labor. You apply Yoga to anything and it is the better for it.

You come as you are and today is a great day to get started. So put your foot on this path and let’s go…

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