If asked even more people believe that Yoga is a Philosophy. But for the sake of this post let’s consider that Yoga is a different unrelated activity that is separate from Philosophy proper.

In fact, if you read other philosophies closely be it Ancient Greece or Buddhism you will find a lot of Yogic principles tucked inside. Like the Hindu Religion I think these "ways of thinking" applied Yoga principles to their Philosophies and as always they were better for this application.

Philosophy proper usually revolves around a system of beliefs, values, and principles. The theories and ideas about how you think about life. The literal definition is love of wisdom.

Here I would like you to consider that Yoga is not a Philosophy proper because a philosophy is a way of thinking.

Yoga is something to be, to do, not a way of thinking. If you want to call it a philosophy go ahead, millions of people do, including many Yogi scholars—but for the record:

Yoga is not something you read about, talk about, think about, believe about… AND NEITHER IS CHILDBIRTH.

Yoga and Childbirth are “doings”.

“Never think what you understand from “books” is your own understanding. Never think what you understand from words has become your own experience. Learning is borrowed— wisdom is only gained from direct experience.” OSHO

The experiences that Patanjali describes in the Sutras are as valid today as they were 2000 years ago as the human mind has not changed. All we have done is muddied the waters with a lot of superficial knowledge.

Yoga is an ancient practice but Birth is even older:

Our Female ancestors have been giving birth as bipeds (walk upright) to babies with large heads (frontal lobe) for millions of years. Lucy, one the oldest such fossils is over 3 million years old, her babies likely had smaller heads.

But the basic anatomy surrounding birth has not changed much but once again we have muddied the waters with a lot of superficial knowledge.

There is a lot more hidden behind that sentence but I don’t want to get too far off track. Later— I promise. Ahh the hazards of the thinking mind. Yoga wants us “to do” not think about doing.

Here I will be combining Yoga and Birth together with basic human physiology and instincts (as old as it gets) and this may be a new spin, but more than likely it is something buried deep inside of us but always still within our grasp.

This project is my way of spinning your way of thinking, moving, your reactions and emotions into a practice that works towards a calm focused birth experience. Helping you learn the skills necessary to flip the right switch in your brain so that it remains in response mode rather than reactive mode.

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