Meditation has been around for 5,000 years, possibly even longer, now longevity doesn’t necessarily equal awesome but in this case it actually does.

Patanjali, when he recorded the Sutras in written form some 2,000 years ago, may have been the first to outline the steps.

Coincidentally, a contemporary of Patanjali was this guy named Buddha, who was spending a lot his time sitting under a Bodhi tree.

Buddhism, of course, is another practice that has huge ties with meditation. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any spiritual belief system that does not have a contemplative element of some sort—religious or not. The Stoic philosophy of Ancient Greece also springs to mind.

Since that time Meditation has moved West and gone secular and mainstream.

The mind/body connection has been clinically proven to exist and it has been shown that Meditation is a healthy evidence based alternative to medical treatment. The proven benefits include: hormone balancing, immune system enhancement, stress reduction, and anxiety relief.

It can change your life because it removes the suffering from your experience in general and during labor and delivery.

"Meditation is also a healthy evidence based alternative to medical birth. Prenatal meditation is evidence based medicine because meditation itself is proven to reduce or avoid medical risks and has proven biological and psychological benefits.

It is non-invasive and is supported by more than 80,000 research papers and books." Robert Newman "Calm Birth"

Meditation has been practiced for millennia as a way towards improved mental clarity and calm.

And that is just where you would like your mind to be as you move through your journey towards motherhood.