Let’s pick up where we left off… your legs are walking…your mind is minding…your uterus is contracting…

 Walking is a bodily function that gets your legs from here to there…

Uterine contraction is a bodily function that gets your baby from in there to out here…

Your mind may very well be still ruminating that you are out of milk…

Yes still and yet this is also just a by-product. Let me reiterate all of these actions are by-products of electrical impulses fired between neurons in your brain and body.

 Your legs are real, your uterus is real, the grey matter in your brain is real…but you can’t pick up a roll of walking or a jar of contractions or a can of minding next to the milk in the grocery store.

 Ordinarily, we think of the mind as something substantial, there inside our heads. This has been proven to be untrue by the likes of Patanjali (author of the Sutras), Buddha and by modern day neuroscientists.


The mind is not something substantial inside the head. IT IS JUST A FUNCTION, AN ACTIVITY OF YOUR BRAIN.


Where does walking go when you sit down? Where does thinking go when you still your thoughts? Nowhere. You don’t need to walk when you are sitting and you don’t need to think when you are meditating.

 Since it is a fact that your body is building infrastructure around what it is experiencing right now,  including thoughts, memories, judgments, emotions and feelings…wouldn’t it make sense to chose your response to this stimuli rather than just make one gut clenching reaction after another?

Choosing how to respond versus just reacting to stimuli takes a steady practice, it takes discipline and commitment to be able to slow down look inward and focus on what is really happening in your body, your mind right now.

 What I aim to teach and what I plan to continue writing about is the beautiful way the tenets of Yoga combine with Childbirth/Human Physiology to help a woman like yourself on to a path towards a calm positive birth experience. So I hope you keep reading…

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