A Little About Me

My name is Debbie Vignovic. I am a girl who has worn many hats throughout my life, perhaps all in preparation for this life moment, but I am equally sure that some were just plain missteps. They happen-that’s life. If I had not made the choices and decisions I have made I would not be here today and I consider being here today a very good thing.

I have been a biologist, a chemist, a chef, a mom, a sales clerk, a cook, a weigh master, a paralegal, a yoga teacher, a prenatal yoga teacher, a doula, a nanny, a caregiver, but more than any of those things I have been a student, a scholar, and a voracious reader. Learning is what I love the most in life.

I own a small Yoga studio in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA and while I teach a few regular Yoga classes I primarily coach women while they are pregnant, helping them create calm positive birth experiences—the kind they can look back on with a sense of a job well done.

Over the last couple of years I have become quite passionate about helping my fellow women remain calm, focused and comfortable during their pregnancies and births.

A pregnant woman needs the right tools at the right time. To achieve a calm positive birth experience I have found that my clients will need three things—Yoga, Education, and Support and she will need them at three distinct times—while Pregnant, during Birth, and after the Baby is Born.

I find that I can rest in the sure knowledge that there is a genuine need for the services I provide, the stories I tell, and the classes I teach. Helping my fellow women during this rite of passage is very rewarding work, and best of all I get to hold babies.

My focus has been firmly centered on Yoga, Childbirth, and Human Physiology for several years now. So much so, that I am now on a quest to prove that not only do they stand well on their own, they also play quite nicely with one another.

As if they were designed as the perfect team for the job. Imagine that. I figured it was true but didn’t realize just how true until I sat down to research.