A Catalyst

OSHO considers Patanjali an Einstein living in a world of Buddhas—a scientist who deduced the absolute laws of the human being, the E=MC² of the human mind/body and reality.

Patanjali, the collator of the Yoga Sutras, does indeed take the scientific approach, the Sutras themselves are not moralistic or poetic, although a lot of commentators can be both and then some. Patanjali condensed all of Yoga into 196 short pithy sutras.

This approach is why I personally found yoga to be so appealing, it speaks to my nerdy science geek past, plus it just works. I am a completely different person because of my Yoga practice.

My hypothesis that Yoga and Childbirth not only walk hand in hand they are a match made in Samadhi. (The ultimate goal of Yoga). It works if you let it. 

I am not a “woo-woo” kind of girl, I like to have solid evidence to back up my teaching and my writing. So you will find that I stick to the science side of the table.

I am indeed more wordy.

My hypothesis is that Yoga is a catalyst.  I thought that during my teacher training and I think it now. Biochemistry, that dreaded of all Biology classes. I loved it but it was HARD.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary a catalyst is a substance/thing that causes or increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being changed. For example:

Trees use chlorophyll and sunlight as a catalysts to run photosynthesis.

Humans use enzymes as catalysts to run cellular respiration.

Both sets of chemical reactions produce energy, both chlorophyll and enzymes facilitate these processes but remain unchanged by the process.

Yoga will remain Yoga but:

Woman + Labor ⇨ Yoga ⇨ Calm Positive Birth Experience

Use Yoga-Based Birth Skills to direct focus, to calm and still your body and your mind, to release anxiety and stress, to move your body and your breath in tune with the movements of birth.

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