I Don't Believe That!

In his book, "Yoga: The Science of the Soul" OSHO* writes that:

“Disbelief is just another form of belief, it is believing that you don’t believe. Yoga is different, because Yoga gives you the experience of something that simply just IS. You don’t need to believe, you don’t need faith, you only need the courage to experience.”

It is my opinion that OSHO often states material in such a manner that one can directly link the relevance of his words to many of the experiences you may have on this journey towards Motherhood.

And this is what I want for you:

I want to encourage you to explore, examine, experience and experiment with Yoga Based Birth Skills—your beliefs are immaterial to the practice—

The principles of Yoga will work regardless of belief system—because your instincts, your physiology, your labor pain management skills are some “things”, “things” that tap into human things that ARE.


Birth needs you to tap into these human things. —your beliefs are also immaterial to Birth—

Birth is a function of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and as such could care less what your frontal lobe believes about Birth, Religion or any number of other topics.

The ANS has a job to complete and it will perform at peak capability if the whole brain is on board, true, but your body will continue to labor regardless of frontal lobe participation.

This is where suffering steps in the door.

Your emotions, fears and reactions are human “things” also and using the teachings of Yoga to control those reactions will make you master of your own domain.

Yoga gives you time tested proven ways to relieve mental suffering and it is pretty stellar on the pain management front as well.

No belief necessary-- practice and you will know.

* Osho; Yoga: The Science of the Soul; 2002; St. Martin's Press; New York

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