Yoga Is Not a Religion

If asked most people believe that Yoga comes from India and is part of the Hindu religion, yes, Yoga has strong ties to India, and yes, Yoga principles are associated with and fundamental to the Hindu religion. They also share a language. 

These facts still do not make Yoga a Religion or Indian. The Hindu’s applied the principles of Yoga to their religion, I figure like everything else it is the better for this application. Yoga principles are universal.

So while Yoga is an inseparable part of the Hindu theology, Yoga is a separate system, that actually predates the Hindu Religion. 

Yoga is also not a religion on its’ own merit.

Ordinarily I steer clear of religious discussion and give it the proverbial 10 foot pole.  However, there will be several instances where I am going to have to wade into the mix.

I think this is only fair as Religion has had its’ say about Birth pretty much ever since there has been such a thing as organized religion. I will present facts and evidence, you believe what you will.

Correcting this common misperception about Yoga is one such instance so here goes:

Religions require belief. Yoga does not require belief.

Yoga doesn’t tell you to believe in anything. Yoga tells you to do for yourself and then you know. Your direct experience will clearly show that Yoga practices what it “preaches”. OSHO

The majority of religions ask you to rely on faith. Have faith in your beliefs in spite of evidence or lack of evidence. They often even require blind faith in their dogmas.

Yoga asks you to consider that beliefs are things added to you, a superficial layer—after all you can change your beliefs like you can change your clothes — underneath you are still human.

Childbirth is about as Human as Humans are capable of being. It is the epitome of Human existence. Childbirth would like you to have faith in your body and its’ innate ability to bring forth new life.

Yoga, unlike Religion, takes a more scientific approach towards the Human life experience.

Yoga, teaches one to doubt everything, don’t just blindly believe, experiment and experience for your own self and then you will know. Then you can lay faith in the things you know from your own experience to be genuinely true.

In that spirit, I encourage you to doubt my words and not just blindly believe me, experience and experiment with these Yoga techniques yourself, find the ones that DO work for you. Replace fear with knowledge and lay faith in the power of right knowledge. Do it now, your body and your baby will thank you on your birth day.

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