Now We Begin


 Now Yoga begins. The first Sutra. Simply sit down with what you’ve got and begin. Yoga meets you where you are at.

 Now Labor begins. The first Contraction. Yoga meets you where you are at, but you need to meet Labor by stepping back and looking at your direct experience. Sit down with what you find and begin.

 Meet your particular birthing experience in that moment and going with what you find from there, it really is that simple. You apply Yoga to anything and it is the better for it.

 So apply what you have learned through my prenatal Yoga classes and Seminars to your Labor. Yoga will meet Labor where it is at.

 Yoga will provide you with many ways to use your own body and mind to have a calm and positive birth experience.

 Yoga is based on the premise that if you simply do as instructed you will experience the intended result. Like math: 2 + 2 = 4 or science: boiling water evaporates.

 Childbirth is based on the premise that uterine contractions represent the body’s concentrated effort to gather maximum force and focus to birth a child. (Tina Lilly)

 Birth is a matter of physics, physiology, and biology— in another word it is science. Oh and let’s not forget mechanics and gravity.

 This is quite literally what your body, what every female body is designed to do, survive and procreate. Like math or science, it simply is.

 What is more, if you let it, your body works like it was made for this task.  The birth process is normal and natural and is a well-honed machine; of all bodily processes it is arguably the best engineered.  Why?

 Evolutionary speaking, each living organism’s primary concern is surviving long enough to continue that particular species into the next generation. To successfully do so, a female must be able to safely procreate, grow, and birth new life, and it is essential that not only this new life survives that the mother survives also in order to care for this new life.

 Step your mind back and let your body do the work it was created to do and it will bring forth new life.

 No belief needed you simply do it and you know. Yoga and Birth walking hand in hand. (Tina Lilly and Osho)

 The ultimate goal of Yoga is called Samadhi which in Sanskrit literally means “to direct together”. It is described as a state of intense concentration, a state of oneness, complete adsorption.

 During the practice of Yoga, Samadhi is achieved through deep continuous and correct meditation.

 During Labor, Samadhi is achieved through single-pointed, fully awake and totally focused awareness on the moment to moment experience of the laboring body. It comes from allowing your mind to align with the task force of birth. (mash up of Tina Lilly and myself)

 Samadhi! Blissful natural awareness.

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