Do You Want a Bridge to Wellness as a New Mom?

A Postnatal Yoga practice, one that is open to new moms and their infants, is vital for healing and crucial for connecting with other new moms.

Allow our Tuesday morning class serve as your own personal bridge to wellness, a safe private space that will help you thrive as a new mom to this baby. Bond, connect and heal through the many benefits that come from continuing your Yoga practice after birth. Postnatal Yoga:


  • uses practices and poses known for the healing energy they bring to your postpartum body 
  • serves as a bridge to wellness that will help you thrive as a new mom 
  • supports the body’s recovery after birth 
  • facilitates easier restoration of the abdomen, the pelvic floor, and the postural ligaments
  • helps ease postpartum soreness
  • learn to take a deep breath again, after 9 months of your baby compressing your diaphragm and lungs.
  • helps the body relax, release stress, and allow the mind to begin to cultivate patience.
  • rebuilds flexibility and muscle tone
  • provides a safe environment to bond with your baby and to build a community with other moms 
  • regular exercise benefits mental health and may prevent and/or lessen Postpartum Depression

Immediately following the Tuesday morning Postnatal Yoga class will be an informal New Mom group, a time and space to gather, share, connect and build friendships with other new moms.

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