Do You Want to Easily Navigate Your Pregnancy?

A woman who has easily navigated her pregnancy will feel confidence in her changing body and will believe in her innate ability to give birth.

She will have a strong bond of connection with her baby.

A woman who can use her breath to release anxiety, to ease pain, to increase focus, to stay with a moment.

AND she will accomplish all this while feeling supported in her pregnancy, and with a genuine sense of community.

This woman has been a regular prenatal Yoga student at The Yoga Whole, making my work teaching her a pleasure, and has come to realize what I already know--Yoga makes the Whole journey a little easier.

Allow yourself to become this "woman".

My background and training in Yoga combined with my continuing education and specialization in Prenatal Yoga will help me guide your body, mind and spirit through pregnancy with ease. Together we will develop your own personal pregnant experience into a Prenatal Yoga practice that:

  • eases the discomforts, aches, and fatigue commonly caused by pregnancy 
  • creates strength, energy, flexibility, and focus 
  • gives a gentle practice designed especially for the pregnant woman’s needs 
  • provides a safe, peaceful and supportive environment for moms to be 
  • builds  a community of other moms 
  • provides a safe place to get your questions answered and to share the joys and tribulations of pregnancy 
  • builds endurance in body, breath, and mind
  • teaches relaxation techniques that are useful during labor and delivery, or at other stressful times 
  • cultivates moment to moment awareness and focus 
  • helps women to prepare mentally and physically for what lies ahead 



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