Postnatal Yoga

What is postnatal yoga?

This class is for new moms and infants who have recieved their caregivers clearance to return to exercise. The class features strong core work, an energizing and rejuvenating yoga practice using practices and poses known for the healing energy they bring to your postpartum body. Allow this class to serve as a bridge to wellness that will help you thrive as a new mom. Your baby is welcome to nurse, nap or play. While napping babies are allowed to just be, awake babies can participate in class during shared mommy/me poses and enjoy an infant massage.

What are the benefits of postnatal yoga?

Postnatal yoga supports the body's recovery after birth by facilitating easier postpartum restoration of the abdomen, the pelvic floor muscles, the postural ligaments, and by decreasing postpartum soreness. While pregnant the lungs, diaphragm, rib cage, and intercostal muscles are pushed up and stressed out by the baby, postnatal yoga will help you breathe deep again. Those deep breaths will help the body relax, release stress and allow the mind to begin to cultivate patience. Postnatal yoga helps rebuild flexibility and muscle tone by toning and stretching the upper body, the back, and those achy shoulders. Postnatal yoga provides a safe environment to bond with your baby and the opportunity to connect with other new moms, not only that but regular exercise may prevent and/or lessen postpartum depression.

When should I start classes?

This class is for new moms and infants who have recieved their healthcare provider's clearance to return to exercise. For vaginal births, usually 2-4 weeks after birth, once all bleeding has stopped. For Cesarean section births you must wait at least six weeks.

What should I wear and bring?

Clothing should not bind or restrict the body, so wear something soft, stretchy, and comfortable, something that you can move in. You may want to bring something to drink, a small towel, and if you prefer your own props please bring them as well. The studio provides all the necessary props for classes, just in case. Since you will have your infant with please bring anything that she/he might need while you are in class.

Do I have to preregister? Do I need a note from my caregiver? How long is a class? What are my options for payment?

No. Preregistration is not required. Please arrive a couple of minutes early to your first class to fill out new student paperwork, if necessary. I highly recommend that you consult with your caregiver prior to attending class, it is important to receive consent for any form of exercise in which you are thinking of participating. However, I do not require a written note. Our classes are 60 minutes long. You may pay online, using PayPal, I also accept cash, credit cards, and personal check.