Birth Doula

As your Birth Doula I offer a wide variety of services to help ensure that your child’s birth is a positive life affirming event for all those involved. It is my intent to foster an environment that makes for the calmest, most gentle experience possible given the immediate circumstance. Education is the best way to foster and grow this environment as it is education that will give you the ability to make informed decisions about your caregivers, your birthing location, your labor, your delivery and your postpartum experience. Information eases fear and gives you the confidence to make decisions for yourself and your baby. I believe that women should actively take part in their birth process and experience, placing trust not only in your medical care provider but in yourself as well.  A Certified Birth Doula helps to prepare you mentally, emotionally, and physically for your birth experience, but the power to make these decisions lies in your hands, not anyone else’s. I am not with you to push my own agenda, I am here to help you engineer a path towards the individualized care that best suits you and your baby’s needs as my job is to help facilitate your birth plan.


Home Visit:

A 1-hour face to face meeting with you and your birth partner in your home to allow us to meet and determine if we are a good match and to establish a relationship. ALWAYS FREE.

Home Visits (2-3):

Two to three 2-hour meetings to discuss your hopes, desires, and concerns for your labor and delivery through a Birth Needs Assessment questionnaire. We will discuss laboring at home and at the hospital, practice pain management techniques, various coping skills, birthing techniques, positions, specific signs of labor, the progression of labor, when to call the doula, the doctor or the midwife, how to know for sure when it is your time.

24-Hour On Call:

I am available to you anytime day or night from 38 weeks pregnant until the time of your baby’s birth. I will make every effort to be available and provide service if your baby is pre-term.

Labor, Delivery, Postpartum

I will remain with you from the time your labor has clearly begun (including early labor at home), transporting you to the hospital or birthing center, providing you continuous physical, emotional and informational support during labor and delivery, and I will stay with you postpartum for 1-3 hours to ensure bonding and a good start at breastfeeding.

Phone/Email/Text Support

I am available to you or your partner at anytime throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. You are welcome to call after caregiver appointments, when you have questions, and when you need some emotional support.

Postpartum Follow-Up Visit

I will make a final visit to your home for closure, to talk about and share your birth experience, answer questions, etc.

Breastfeeding Support

I will assist with the initial latch-on at birth and provide additional support via phone or email. If I cannot help I will point you in the right direction.

I am a non-judgmental professionally trained Certified Birth Doula and as such I would consider it a deep privilege to share this journey with you.  My full fee is $600 and includes all services as listed above.  I believe that the services I provide have great value and that they are well worth the effort I put forth, I hope you agree. While doing my due diligence I came across an article by Jodi Green (What's in a Fee?) that broke down a Doula's work so succinctly that I wanted to share it.

Birth Doula