Now We Begin


Now #Yoga begins. The first #Sutra. Simply sit down with what you’ve got and begin. Yoga meets you where you are at.

Now Class begins. The first #Practice. Yoga meets you where you are at, but you need to meet your Practice by stepping back and looking at your direct experience. Sit down with what you find and begin.

Meet your particular experience in that moment and going with what you find from there, it really is that simple. You apply Yoga to anything and it is the better for it.

Next apply what you have learned on your mat to your everyday life. Yoga will meet your body and your mind where they are at, in the present moment.

Yoga will provide you with many ways to use your own body and mind to have a calm and positive life experience.

Yoga is based on the premise that if you simply do as instructed you will experience the intended result. Like math: 2 + 2 = 4 or science: boiling water evaporates.

Life is a matter of physics, physiology, chemistry and biology— in another word it is science. Oh and let’s not forget mechanics and gravity.

As our big brains developed we have somehow misunderstood their true function and instead have allowed our conscious minds to add layer after layer of complexity to the simplicity of life.

Some of these layers are counterproductive, just add to our suffering and stem from our misunderstanding of how our minds, brains, and bodies function.

Evolutionarily speaking we are still on the uphill slope of the “learning curve” where our frontal lobes are concerned.

The conscious mind sits precariously on the “tip of the iceberg” looking out at the world, believing that what it sees is all there is.

It seems to me that ever since humanity decided to stand up AND grow larger brains, as a species we have made quite the string of ill-advised decisions—ideas that probably seemed harmless and were deemed the sensible choice at the times they were made.

The majority of these choices have only resulted in confusion, stress, anxiety, poor health and a society that looks outward for relief and not inward. 

The simple truth is that your body, what every human body is designed to do, is to survive and to procreate. Like math or science, it simply is.

What is more, if you let it, your body works like it was made for this task.  Living life at this level is normal and natural, your body is a well-honed machine; adept at survival.

But humans aren’t zebras we walk upright and have large brains-- we live in concrete jungles in massive societies, so we are mammals of a different stripe.

The simple fact remains, however, that the vast majority of your "life", what it takes to keep your human body alive and functioning is carried out behind the scenes, out of the purview of the conscious mind (the tip of the iceberg).

The problem is that this tip thinks it runs the show and the resultant confusion is the root of our mental suffering.

Zebras don't suffer their decisions. Humans do.

If a zebra doesn’t get eaten, she learns from her decisions, and then her mind moves on. Zebras don't find themselves losing sleep at night--3 years later--wondering what if, replaying that particular scenario over and over. 

The past is over, the future hasn't happened yet...what you really need in that moment is sleep, not pointless rumination.

You need a way to step your mind back and let your body do the work it was created to do, add Yoga, and let it bring forth a whole new way of being and doing.

No belief needed you simply do it and you know. Yoga and your Life walking hand in hand. (Osho)

The ultimate goal of Yoga is called Samadhi which in Sanskrit literally means “to direct together”. It is described as a state of intense concentration, a state of oneness, complete adsorption.

During the practice of Yoga, Samadhi is achieved through deep continuous and correct meditation.

During Life, a layman’s version of Samadhi can be achieved through single-pointed, fully awake, and totally focused awareness on the moment to moment experience of the task at hand.

It comes from allowing your mind to align with the demands of the work you are doing right now. Not ruminating over that time 3 years ago when that lion almost ate you for lunch.

Samadhi! Blissful natural awareness. Right now.

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